Tips Tab


  1. Fill in required fields, and upload a headshot to set up profile.
    Note: Your email address cannot be seen by other users.
  2. After registration is complete, either purchase a BR8KER sticker or download the free one from, and affix to your vehicle.
  3. Be sure your license plate # is accurate, as this is how other users can find you on the road when they see your BR8KER sticker.
  4. When entering license plates in "search", no spaces or dashes are required.
  5. Filters can be set in profile page to exclude some other users from contacting you. Filters left unchanged will allow all other users to be able to communicate with you.
  6. If you don’t want anyone to see where you are, go to your profile page and press "Update Profile". Set the "Location Precision" to "Reduced Precision" in your profile. Optionally, to only hide one device, go into the Settings App and turn off "Precision Track this device" in Br8ker Settings.
  7. Radio requires location services to function. If you either turn off "Precision Track this device" or set your profile to "Reduced Precision" we will only record the Maidenhead subsquare you are currently in. In the U.S. a Maidenhead subsquare is about 12 square miles.
  8. Please exercise proper CB etiquette when using the Radio feature.
    1. When talking on a new channel for the first time, say "Breaker Breaker," the channel name, and your handle. For example, "Breaker breaker Hook Up channel, this is Rubberduck, does anybody copy?"
    2. Once you are acknowledged on the channel you may continue talking.
    3. Please no screaming or yelling into the radio, try to keep it civil.
  9. Thank you for joining BR8KER, the CB of the 21st century, we hope you will find it useful and enjoyable.
  10. You can listen to the radio feature while doing almost anything else on your phone or while it's locked, unless you turn off "listen in the background" in the Radio, channel details page.
  11. Questions, concerns, suggestions, or problems can be forwarded to