Roadside picture of girl with an iPhone 5s in her hand with the BR8KER app running.  Superimposed with a large iPhone 5S showing the Splash Screen of BR8KER and a Blue iPhone 5c showing the Radio Screen
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What is BR8KER?

Anymore driving is such a rat race. Speeding cars weaving in and out of traffic. Light to light. Rush, rush, rush! Every day is every man/women for themselves out there.

Imagine having the ability to be able to communicate with other drivers you see on the road. Maybe you can hook up with that hot girl/guy you see driving by. Maybe you can warn other drivers of the traffic jam ahead. Maybe you can find other commuters going your way and start carpooling. For drivers, the possibilities and uses of this application are endless.

Together we can make the driving experience a more pleasurable one. We can build an army of safe and courteous drivers, and end road rage. Together we will revolutionize driving forever! And it’s free.

BR8KER supports these features:

Contact us with any feedback, feature requests, or issues.

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